Passive speaker under 8" in height?


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I've just bought an LG 48" C1 to give my parents a big upgrade from their 32" Samsung LCD. The downside is they are very limited on space, and so there's no room for the B&W 601 S3s that I had set up on either side of the TV for music, being fed by and old but functional Denon AVR. I'm looking at buying this stand - Amazon product

and the only place I can put speakers is on the shelf under the TV (LG stand leaves no space for a sound bar), which limits height to 8".

I've tried to find diminutive speakers, and they are out there, but are mostly active speakers which feels like a waste given I already have the amp. My parents use the radio in the Denon often, so just using TV speakers isn't an option, plus having heard the sound from my LG 55" CX, I think it's terrible.

So, any reasonable quality passive speakers out there under 8"? I'm very happy to buy second hand but I can't see anything suitable in the classifieds. Also happy to hear alternative suggestions if there's something I've missed.


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After a lot of searching, I found a stand with a 12" top shelf, so I have more flexibility now.


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Q Acoustics 3010i are quite short.


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Q Acoustics 3010i are quite short.
Yes they are, but they are still almost 10". I thought I found a solution, a TV stand with two shelves, the top one 12" and the lower one 6", which allows me a lot more flexibility of speaker choice. Unfortunately, it arrived yesterday and it's two 8" shelves :( I'm talking with the supplier to see if they can actually supply what I orderd.


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Dali Specktor 1, Fyne Audio F300, Wharfedale diamond 12.0, monitor audio monitor 50 and mission lx1 mk2 are quite small speakers.

Perhaps experiment with placing the speakers sideways.

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