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passing cables for projetor...

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by nicko, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. nicko


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    passing cables for projetor...

    I'm going to buy a projector and don´t even know wich one.
    Well, I do have some ideas, probably X1 or Pana.

    The thing is, I now am sure what the layout of all the elements gonna be. I'm going to a 'upgrading the living room to a near ht headquarters, with the factor 'wife' in mind' kinda thing!! ;)
    And is a versatile disposition too, cos i'm gonna be able to project the image in 3 diferent walls, with 2 (big) diferences in sizes, but needing a rotative (at least 180º) projector mount (another good question to this thread), giving me the possibilitie to change the living room furniture disposition, in the future, without changing all the AV gear too. If somone's interested in seeing some of the drawings of what I'm talking about, I can show them later.

    However I still have to make some little transformations in the room. That is opening the 'false seeiling' (I donno how you say this in english, I'm doing direct translation) to pass some cables.
    I do want to do this now, even before I buy any projector. And even then, I have to be sure that when upgrading it I've the right cable expecting there. So, wich ones should I pass (newbie question right?)? And where do I find that 180º mount that I can spin frequently, and not have to use a skrew driver to do that...

    Thanks in advance

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