Passengers want Asian men thrown off the plane!

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I hope they have flights in the middle east otherwise I cant get home!!!

This whole thing is getting stupid now. Just because I tiny percentage decide to follow the terrorist path and put peoples lives at risk is just stupid.

Something needs to be done as its only going to make more asians take up the cause if this carries on...


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There was a number of interviews with passengers on the local news regarding this.Its seems that these guys felt it would be amusing to 'raise suspicion about themselves' but the joke back-fired.
It amazes me that you still here of people passing through airport security stating they 'have a bomb in there case' for a laugh and are shocked when they are dragged away to a small room for hours and banned from travelling.

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The page linked to in the opening post is no longer valid thus rendering this topic undiscusable.

CheekyKid - it isn't very often that you will find someone admitting that they read the Daily Mail
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