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Originally posted by Deansimm
next thing you know, they'll be doing a new Laurel & hardy film.
and shall we open a book on which pair of grossly hilarious (NOT) hollywoood chinless wonders would play L & H.

And for hollywood's next ****up "The Italian Job"......sorry I forgot, they've already failed at that one!

Finest lines from films number 69......

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"


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Thats a real shame. Corny as they are I always crack up with the inspector Clouseu films. A Shot in the Dark is probably my favourite. I even laughed at the trailer for the latest boxed set every single time it was on the telly.


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have to agree on 'Shot in the dark' best Pink Panther ever, followed closely by the original one.

As for the new film, i'm inclined to give it a chance,
knowing Peter Sellers is irreplacable,
i will just regard it as a film on it's own without comparing it too much to the Original.

If it's rubbish i will slate it of course :devil:


After 'Shot in the dark' I would have to say 'The Pink Panther Strikes Again' was the best runner up With Herbet Lom going whacky and those assassination attempts and that entrance into the castle was sheer strait out of a cartoon which only Peter could pull off.
I tend to find Steve Martins humor very forced and artificial.


I wish Hollywood would just leave the good movies alone and only remake the one's they didn't get right!


The did an other Inspector Clouseau film called Inspector Clouseau staring Alan Arkin which suffered badly by being compared to the Peter Sellers but was not that bad and had a good theme tune by Ken Thorne.

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Apart from The Jerk and The Man With Two Brains,can anyone even name a remotely funny Steve Martin film?Peter Sellers must be turning in his grave:rolleyes:


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Are we ever likely to see any new and original chararcters and scripts from Hollwood ever again?

Or is true, they have literally run out of ideas :(


How can any of the hollywood execs in suits think this could be a good idea????

I see it's being made by MGM, who haven't had any hits for years except the Bond movies. They obviously have no idea what people want to see. Without Bond, they'd have gone bust years ago and at the moment Sony are trying to buy them out.

Just because Steve Martin has had a couple of hits recently does not mean that he puts bums on seats. Why don't they just cast Rob Schneider and be done with it.


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I love 'the man with two brains' and have that on dvd but I must admit I can't think of anything else with steve martin that has been particularly enjoyable. I'm not against the idea of a new Pink Panther film but I really think Steve Martin is totally wrong in the role. It basically needs an actor who can portray a dignified, proud and charming man who is also completely stupid and incompetent and fails at every opportunity. The only actor I can think of like that currently is Kelsey Grammer of Frasier fame. I'm sure there are better ones than him but he's the only one I can think of who fits the profile.


Grammer would be even worse then martin in my opinon. There is nobody to replace sellers its that simple. Martin was good in the jerk, and all of me, the man with two brains, and i liked bowfinger. But thats it


A lot of the actors just play one type of character, Martin, Carrey etc but Peter Sellers although associated with comedy could play things totally straight, you rarely get more than one of them in a lifetime like him.

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Oh come now.....surely everyone knows that Hollywood is allowed to make crap american remakes of good films to
a) blatantly rewrite history (U-571 - don't even want to see this)
b) re-make in case the US audience doesn't understand the subtle foreign film?
I mean why remake Nikita, Ring, Cyrano de Bergerac, Italian job? None of the "new" versions are ever any good, unless old hollywood films are remade into new ones in which case they MIGHT just pass.

I think hollywood should leave foriegn films as they are and only try remaking their own efforts (simply because doing otherwise never seems to work), and they should leave classics like "pink panther" alone. They're good enough as they are....


Steve Martin's made a few other funny films:

LA Story

He's made some garbage, too. He massacred Sgt Bilko a while ago...

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roxanne - the poorer US remake of 'cyrano de bergerac' you mean

trevor g

sellers was a genius and this goes to prove that hollywooden
have run out of steam most remakes stink

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