Pass me the razor blades.. (advice needed)


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This AV lark is driving me insane!

I have an initial budget of £1500 (which, with copious amounts of charm, wit, washing up liquid and car cleaning accessories, I should be able to push up by a few hundred) for an AV system.

The biggest expense is obviously the Plasma, Obviously I would like HD, but after reading This I am wondering if it would be better to get a better quality SD screen and use the component and scart for dvd and sky respectively, bearing in mind budget and the timescale of HDTV becoming commonplace.

I thought the Hitachi 6600 was the answer to my prayers, but reading peoples experiences on here quite frankly scared the life out of me. Seriously tempting at the moment is the PW7 at Richer sounds for a grand, I've hardly seen a bad word written about these screens. It's whether I can convince myself and the Missus that I really don't need HD at this point.

My main problem is the usual, you can pick up a good CRT for a few hunderd quid, after persuading her that a Plasma is a million times better, to spend the money, fire it all up and get a less than excellent picture, or even worse, screen issues or possibly failure, is not worth comprehending the grief I'd get.

To be honest, for the rest of the system, I'm more than happy to scour the classifieds to get decent second hand gear that I can replace bit by bit, so that's not really an issue.

The lounge will be decorated from scratch, starting in a couple of weeks, so cables need to be run etc. so I need to take the plunge fairly soon. There's also an issue around wall/cabinet mounting, but that's something I'll let her decide on, I'm having enough trouble trying to make sure I don't spent over a thousand pounds on a screen that's going to bite me on the arse!

Reading these forums has been a godsend, but I find the more I read the more confused I get, I realise that much of it is people's opinion, but whilst the techy advice on here is brilliant, the opinions tend to go around in circles, which they always do when people have a preference, leaving an observer a little confused to say the least!

Just to make things even more complicated, I am a lover of "dark" films, Particluarly 1940's Film Noir and modern technoir, so, you guessed it, I want good black levels more than anything! Sorry!

Any advice, however insignificant, would be greatly appreciated.



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Technoir said:
This AV lark is driving me insane!

i know the feeling, i had a couple of days of stress :eek: i was on a deadline to order something before my fiance's b'day.

in the end (after sifting through endless threads here) i settled for the pwd7 from richer sounds (i couldn't get the pwd6 which is supposed to be great) and am very happy with it. the offer from AV for the pwd8 wasn't on at the time - if it was i would have been tempted by that. :)

i am not into "dark" films :D but i saw a bit of "batman" the other night and the PQ was great. :smashin:

good luck


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I was the same, listened to everyones opinion, looked at their photos, read magazine, hours looking on the net and I just when with what I thought was the best for me. I for one am quite keen on the HD cause Im getting a Xbox360 and maybe a Ps3. Then theres the HD films I have on my computer, first up is Harry Potter and cant wait to see Gladiator 1080i :thumbsup: Then of course theres bluray and HDDVD next year, aswell as Sky in February, maybe even before that.

I wanted something thats future proof, that why I went for the Pv500. Xbox 360 in HD is going to be somthing else, best Xmas ever me thinks :D

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