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Dec 7, 2009
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After months of lurking I’ve finally got a competitiion worthy photo :)
And as an added bonus I’m so immature that I’m equally joyful about the common name of this creature ... must... resist.. obvious.... pun!

IMG_4632wp by r.e.a.a.l.p., on Flickr

Camera Canon EOS 450D
Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500)
Aperture f/5.6
Focal Length 271 mm
ISO Speed 200

I have cropped this photo and slightly enhanced colour and contrast, the original is here. There are more of this bird and her mate and some other animals here.

I went out with my camera along the route I normally cycle to work, at a more leisurely pace and with my eyes open. I spotted a pair of great tits (aaah! couldn’t help it) who had made their nest in the trunking on a telephone pole. I could hear the chicks calling and the parents were making trips back and forth with food.

Unfortunately the conditions were overcast and I was taking these shots at full zoom, so the sky in the background was completely blown, ruining most of them, and some of the shots I managed to take of the birds taking off had motion blur. I’m planning on going back to take some more, with a tripod and on a nicer day.

I remained at what I considered to be a respectful distance from the nest. Does anyone know how close it’s sensible to get without disturbing the birds? I wouldn’t want to scare them off and for their chicks starve or anything.

Edit: Linked changed to flickr, exif details added
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Hi :) I checked your Flickr for the rest of the bird photos. There was some pretty nice pictures of the birds in flight. Especially the one with one bird sitting and the other taking flight. Good luck with the competition.
Nice capture - I like the composition


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