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I've just been given an HP Pavillion
It needs a hard drive, some memory & a power supply.
Where can I get these & more important is it worth it costwise.
The specs are here:

It originally had a 250gb hard drive but I don't need that much, maybe 80-120gb. I would like to install at least 1gb ram, so bearing that in mind, could I get this thing up & running for around £100.

Any guidance for parts (especially if you have them for sale) would be welcome.



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Try these parts:

Crucial 1GB 184pin DIMM PC2700 DDRRAM NP Unbuffered CL2.5 £34.00
Western Digital Caviar 120.0GB UDMA100 £30.35
Asustek 450W Silent Active PFC PSU 12cm Fan A-45GA £38.14

Comes to about a hundred from thats what you can get but other people may give you better choices so always look at the information then make your mind up. either go for cost or quality.


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If you are sure those are all the bits that it needs, go for it. Scour the classifieds for a PSU and some ram, and maybe even the hdd. You want either 2x512mb dimms (which has the advantage of being cheaper than 1x1gb) or 2x1gb 2700 or 3200 as I'm pretty sure it's a dual channel board (ie. you lose memory speed if you only fit one module). Any old psu, unless you need it quiet, has to be p4 compatible though (extra power connector) - might have one for you here actually. HDD - a 160 represents a negligible price difference over a 120 if buying new and you get newer technology - either a Samsung or Western Digital single platter 160 gig will be quiet and reliable if they are available in PATA.


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Tricky & SeanT - thanks for that, very helpfull.
SeanT - that RAM looks like it will save me some, but I'm a bit concerned a couple of the pins have gone. I'll see what the guy says.


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