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Hi All,

Just quick question. With big HDD, what's better to separate music, pictures and movies? Is it better to create 3 partitions or to keep everything on on partition but in 3 folders (movies, music, pictures)? Is there any advantage of doing it either way.... I've just received my 1.5TB HDD and not sure how to set it up before coping all stuff from other drives.


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I would suggest folders that way you wont have to guess how much each seperate collection will grow.

Just make sure you back it up :)


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I agree folders. Partitions were once used to house more than one operating system but I had problems with this. Now I use different HDs as they are much cheaper than in years past. No advantage I think to partitions housing data.

What I do now is I have a fast HD for the OS and a separate HD for programs and data. If I need to reformat and reinstall the OS I don't lose data.



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I was thinking about using a partition (and here's why)

My External HDD's are both 500gb.
I wanted to plug my Xbox 360 in (Using USB) and one of these media players using HDMI (Asus O play for example)
However the X360 only accepts fat32 formatted drives which can only be upto 200gb

so would it be possible to get both to run; Fat32/NTFS maybe by making them both primary drives?

and would the ASUS O Play even work whilst the USB is plugged in or will it then go into HDD mode?


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