Partitioning a HDD.

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I have got a new PC from Aldi and it has a 320GB HDD, the first 280ish is the boot drive c: and the rest is D: which has the recovery files on it, I tried to partition in between c: and D; using partition magic 8 but it didn't complete and I have had to reinstall.

What is the easiest way?


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To be honest I would have said Partition Magic! What did it fail on? Was there blank space inbetween C and D already, or were you trying to shrink C?


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Provided the D partition still exists okay - or is recoverable - the do a reinstall from there. This will be a PF key at POST time most probably. it will restore machine to its as shipped condition so you will have to redo updates and customisations etc.
Most machines shipped with these recovery partitions recommend that you do a backup to CD/DVD - did you do that ?

What was the nature of the PM failure ? It does not normally bail out...

Partitions may be recoverable - have you tried booting the PM CD ?

Jazz Monkey Jr

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I was trying to shrink c: but I can't remeber what it failed on. I tried to recover on c: drive but it wouldn't have it, I am now fully formatting c: drive and will try again, I might just install MCE from the MCE disc and put the other stuff on myself. I am not sure here to keep d: with the recovery files on it?


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Partition Magic comes on a CD - at least mine did.
if you delete your recovery partition what system will you install ?
provided you have one then you don't need the recovery partition.
Easiest way to get back up is restore it though.
Often machines that come preloaded have tweaks to the windows system so you may need specific drivers etc.
have often shrunk/moved/etc partitions with PM and never had a problem - what version you running ?
I take it you checked the contents on the PM manual particularly the appendix that talks about
Using PartitionMagic With Other Programs
This appendix includes the following information:
• Norton Utilities
• Disk Compression Utilities
• Operating System Boot Utilities
• Virus Protection Software
• Drive Overlay Programs
• SoundBlaster
• GoBack

Jazz Monkey Jr

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I have got it back to the factory state now, and I have kept the recovery partition.
I am using partition magic 8.03 I think.

I may just leave it as it is and use that space for recoring TV.

Thanks for the advice.

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