Partington Dreadnoughts - alternatives?


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I have some biggish standmounts which have been hiding in an enclosed area on concrete blocks. Unfortunately they need to come into the open now so I need some attractive and solid stands. The partington dreadnoughts seem to be the favoured high ends stand - I feel a stand better than budget is required for £1k speakers. However, I find almost no mention of rivals in the £150 to 250 range.

Does anyone know of any or are partington really the only ones in there?



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Thanks for that. Have you been able to make comparison between these and the dreadnoughts? From what I can see the Atacamas are significantly cheaper. I know it is not all about money, but I can afford the dreadnoughts if they really are the best and worth it, so dont want to end up with something I just want to replace!

Many thanks


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I have not directly compared the Dreadnoughts to the SL series. I have sold a pair of dreadnoughts to a customer which I got from another store. The overall packaging weight did not impress me much, especially as they are supposed to come pre-filled with weighting material.

Atacama did used to make a superb stand called the R724 which were their reference series stands. Sadly they no longer make them any more. We keep a pair of these in my shop for using on demo, we will neven sell them as they are too good.

I would reckon that a pair of the SL600 with 1x 9kg tub of Atacama Atabites filler material in each stand would be at least the equal to the Dreadnoughts and for less money. This would cost around £140 in total including filler.


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I find it isnt always the weight of the stand so much as the way the stand is built that makes a difference......yes the weight is important, some speakers perform better on heavy stands, others on lighter stands.....but its the rigidity as well.....

my GR10's excel on stands with posts in 4 corners......on stands with 3 posts or 1 post they seem to lose their bass S2's however work best on 3 post stands......

you could consider getting a pair custom made if you can use a CAD program........get the specs made up, visit a local engineering firm and ask them to put them together.....i reckon you could probably get a pair made relatively cheaply if you are sensible in choice of design....(ie conventional tubular legs and flat plates)

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