Part timers and the four day week


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My partners company is going to start trialling the four day work week. Problem is she's part time as a 0.7 (28 hours a week) employee.

This has really got us wondering about how this will actually work for her and others like her so I'm interested on some hot takes on the situation. I can't seem to find much that says how companies have handled this scenario.

From our perspective if the entire company is moving to 80% hours she should also follow suit.

However the company is also conceding 80% hours is doing full time work, so her employment at 0.7 isn't far off what an FTE will be achieving work wise, so she won't be able to achieve her work in the new reduced hours works. So should she maintain hours and get a pay increase?

But what about those already on 0.8 hours, if it's being conceded they can do full time workloads surely they should be back payed as they've already been doing it.

Feels like a bit if a minefield companies will need to navigate or risk really annoying the part time work force.

Usual caveat from my posts that we aren't based in the UK so UK employment law doesn't apply to her, but feel free to cite then if there is actual legislation for this exact scenario.


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We work 4 Day weeks though by doing 4 days of 10hrs rather than doing 4 days of 8hrs

First, nope those who're working .8 shouldn't be back paid, the company is changing the conditions for FTE on a given date it doesn't mean that those doing .8 already should be back paid, if the company raises everyone on Band A's hourly rate by €5 an hour on June 1st they aren't obliged to pay backpay for May or April.

I think it would be fair to upgrade those doing .8 of the week to FTE. But I can see the argument that if FTE's can do the same work in 80% of the hours then why aren't PTE's just as efficient? So I would expect everyone to benefit by a 20% reduction in their hours for the same pay.

So the existing .8 could be reduced to .64 and your wife reduced to .56. If your wife can't do the work in the reduced time as some things like Payroll Runs take xhrs then yes I'd expect you to do the .7 for an increased wage

In our place hourly wages are defined by Pay Grade so you would be paid for whatever .7 is


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I think maintain hours, but get a pay rise.

Maybe not to 100% FTE, but close enough (e.g. 87.5% of fte pay?)

It does suck though when you’re more efficient than lots of other people. Seems we should just go home when the job is done, rather than get rewarded with more work. 🤣


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So far both of the responses have reaffirmed my though process of it's not clear what the actual outcome will be here. The maths is the fte definitely take 20% hours cut which is effectively a 25% increase on their hourly rates.

We read her contract and it says 28 hours for $X an hour. Officially that's what she should be working but if they are unanimously changing the FTE contracts I'd imagine they should be doing the same with the part time ones as it's not fair on them to just continue at the old rates. It definitely feels like the part time staff are just not being factored in though, they didn't seem to have an answer when asked about it.

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