Parking Test

The Dude

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22.3 ;)


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oohh, 61.7 after third attempt...heh

53!! w00t...heh


39.8, dats the puppy!!!

(i love these simple games...they suit me...heh)

38.7!!!....i reckon around 33 is the quickest likely possible....

i keep losing it on the last

ahah, 33.8 extraw00t!



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well i just got a 31.8 for all 4 tests....heh...i was wrong about reckon 28 mebbe at tops...

29.8....omg...woulda been 28.something but just didnt turn enuff on the last

damn these little games...i find them so addictive...heh


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120.7:rotfl: :rotfl: :oops:


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ok, it gets a little difficult to beat 29.8, but in the last dozen tries i finally did it and got

phew....reckon mebbe another 2 seconds tops...

28.1....on a roll...

27.2 and i had a crap first parking...w00t!


ok, 25 is my target...heh...i get that, i get to

24.9!!!! YEEEHAAAAAAAAAAA and its still before 1am :rotfl:


Ed Selley

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sean5302 said:
I think you'll see much more of this.

PSA are detested in the UK.

Peugeot-Citroen Automobiles.

Closed their Ryton-upon_Dunsmore plant, just outside Coventry. (In the UK).

Currying favour sans curry.
This has been on their site since before the Ryton situation. As ever the job losses are sad but having had the misfortune to use a Ryton built 206 on a routine basis, I'm fairly sure that the 207 cannot be any more ineptly thrown together.


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Im not very good at this... my best is 52!!:thumbsdow


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Elmer said:

What are you lot doing?! :D

aye, i've got 24.whatever it was for all 4

:clap: me


(not that i'm competitive or

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