Parents Sky HD box outputs terrible audio - flat and quiet


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My parents have Glastonbury on, and the difference between BBC2 HD on Freesat and Sky is staggering - Sky sounds terrible :(

I've looked through the settings and can't find anything other than enabling Dolby Digital which doesn't output any audio at all (I'm guessing this is for 5.1 and they're just using the TV)

Any suggestions on what else to try please? I'm going to bring a different HDMI cable next time I'm here in case it's that.



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I'm going to bring a different HDMI cable next time I'm here in case it's that.
It's not. An HDMI cable is all digital so will either work or not work.

EDIT: When you sat 'Freesat', do you mean using a different sat receiver such as the TV sat tuner or a Freesat box with the audio coming through the same speakers as the audio from the Sky box. The BBC2 transmission received on the SKY box is exactly the same transmission from the sat as that received by the Freesat receiver, so any differences in sound quality must be being caused by different audio processing by the two different receivers.

(Trollslayer's 'like' was for just the first paragraph before the edit)
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I read this the other day and it sprang to mind just now while watching Chic at Glastonbury through Sky. They're playing a great set so I decided to turn my amps on rather than using the TV soundbar and it didn't sound that great so decided to try through a Youview box I had connected but never use. Huge improvement!
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Thanks guys, interesting that it's not just my parents having the same problem.

@TJT1 they have Freesat built into he TV itself - they have 3 cables coming from the one satellite dish, two into Sky and one into the TV. Freesat in the TV sounded great.

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