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Parental Controls??


Distinguished Member
Maybe I've missed something but I have a quick question regarding the above.

My 3 yr old also uses my PS3 and therefire there are certain games/demos etc I do not want him playing.

I've set the relevant parental control levels on the XMB, but this then leaves Padlock icons next to games even when I am signed in??

Is there anyway to just make the controls relevant to his profile???
Its just annoying to have to go through 3 or 4 games before finding the one I want???

It would be easier tbh, if I could just prevent him using my profile and then amend his appropriately??

Any clues :)


Prominent Member
Parental controls are global - and not user specific. Strange, but true. :thumbsdow

Let's hope that get's rectified in a future firmware update as it's something I would like to use as well.


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I take it it's not possible to have different parental controls for a master and a sub account then ?


Distinguished Member
No mate - that's how mine is set up.

I guess I'll have to carry on looking at Padlock icons a while longer then!! :D


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I believe that is the case as there is no concept of 'sub' & 'master' accounts for XMB users - only online users. But that is exactly what the XMB needs to administer decent & usable parental controls.

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