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Jan 24, 2003
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:mad: Well my ae500 was shipped by komplett last Thursday. They managed to get it from Holland to the Parcel Force local hub for delivery by Friday PM.

It was put on a truck Friday night for delivery (Apparently they do Saturday am)

and.........what a joke still not been delivered. Its been sat on a truck all weekend and is still marked as "Out for delivery" :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: Expletive

My dummy is well out at this point. 24hr parcel farse delivery = 5 days and counting. The question is when is it going to turn up and in how many pieces. Not a happy bunny. And parcel farse are the brunt of my anger at this point.
Is your local depot close enough for you to go and pick it up from them? Might be quicker.
Yes its close. I will probably have to do this.
Give Parcel Force a ring as "Out for Delivery" usually means it is on the van winging it's way to you.Parcel Force may then ask you to ring the company you ordered it from so that they can put a trace on the package.

I have ordered components from all over the world,some packages stopping at many destinations all over the world before they arrive in the uk for delivery.I have had maybe 4-5 parcels go missing(ie.get pinched by thieving postal workers) and all of them after arrival at a uk depot.

EDIT:Just realised it's only a day late lol,stop whining:)
If you are considering going to pick it up make sure you speak to someone in the depot first (if you get arsey enough with the "help" line they will give you the number) to confirm ....

a) That it is definetly in the depot (have them look) and that they will not let it go out with a driver.

b) That they are happy for you to collect it. As strictly speaking they should attempt delivery before they allow you to collect it from the depot, but in light of your delays, they can't really argue.
Hi harrisuk,

As I mentioned in a previous post, give them a bell and get the customer service person to get the depot to give you a call back. This is how I handled it and they were very helpful.

I once had an exhaust system get "lost" by Parcel Farce. After about 3 weeks of phoning and chasing around I narrowed it down to one depot where the trail went dead (that depot repeatedly denied having it).

So I went to the depot and noticed the main doors open. I calmly just walked straight in, and there it was propped up in a corner!!

They are a nightmare, had major problems with a dvd player I ordered before christmas. I have an AE500 coming from Komplett soon as well, fingers crossed PF get it right this time!
Arrived today :clap: Hopefully in one piece and working :rolleyes: Will have a good play with it latter and post my thoughts. Unfortunately I am around a month or so aways from the loft being completed which will be its final resting place but I will be able to set it up downstairs temporarily in the mean time.

On a side note komplett have sold out the 20 odd units they had last week and its on back order now apparently.

Lucky I knew that was going to happen at that price ;)

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