parasound owners what ics powercords are you using


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hi all having had my parasound a23 for a while now used in conjuntion with my denon 3802 av amp mainly for 2 channel use with dynaudio audience 62 floorstanders i find the 3802 on its own has a slightly (fuller /warmer) sound than using with the a23 driving fronts, i find the a23 has a clearer sound and remindes me of the hk av amp (hk507 se) i had a while back but with differant speakers,

i currently have some old van den hull i/c and dnm reason bullet plug i/cs but wonder what other parasound owners use between pre and power amp could do with a touch more smoothness if possible.

i also tried my sound-deals 1 meter mains cable in place of the (stock grey lead supplied) and found this seemed as if my dyns were going deeper ,not more bass though , but i think the top end was slightly more bright,

but at least could tell something was differant from standerd lead,

have other owner tried differant powercords and noticed a benifit.

thank you


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IMO the power cord that comes with Parasound amps is perfect for the job and you will gain no benefit from "upgrading" it. I'm sure others will disagree.

I thought the A23 had a lot of potential when matched with the right speakers. When I tried it I found the combination of the B&W tweeter with it too much in the highs. It sounded very impressive but was not nice to listen to for any length of time. I'd love to give it another try with my current speakers though.

I can't think how you would add smoothness to the amp without either changing the preamp or your speakers.


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thanks daneel tend to agree as regards bw did try a23 with my 600s3 bit too bright for my liking,
as regards the power cord i noticed the dyns seemed to go deeper with soundeals cable rather than stock lead, however when using the supplied lead into a differant socket (the sd cable would not reach being only 1 meter) i found with some cds the stock lead sounded better i think the sd lead was slightly exagerating the highs as well as seeming to go deeper.

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