Parasound owners - what have you got ?


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The list of Parasound owners seems to be growing on these forms (albeit slowly). Daneel seems to be the newest member.

I just wanted to set up a thread to see who owns Parasound kit on these forums, what you have got and your opinion of it.

Ill start off -

Parasound C2 processor and A51 amplifier. The amp has masses of power and weighs a ton - powers most speakers with consumate ease. The C2 controller has absolutely fantastic steering, throws up lots of detail and in the rear channels at least is one of the best processors at its price point (in my opinion of course) The fronts dont sound half bad either. They both look great but whoever designed the lighting needs to be shot :D. I personally feel that a Lexicon MC8 sounds a tad better for movies but it is significantly more expensive.

So what have you got ? Please list below. Thanks

So far -
Rags - Halo C2 & A51 (Processor & Amp)
Daneel - 1205A (Amp)
THX Ultra - Halo A51 (Amp)
DTS Boy - Halo C2 and A52 (Processor & Amp) - probably one of the 1st Halo owners in the UK
Franc - 2205A X 2 (Amp) :D
Thunder - 2205A (Amp)
Mutley - 1205A (Amp)
Selexus - 750A (Amp)
Craig Sowerby - Halo A51, A21 & A23 (all Amps)
Rad - 1205A (Amp)
Jase - 2205A (Amp)
Bob007 - 1205A (Amp)
bmurphygbr - 1205A (Amp)
Rigman - 1205A & 1000A (Amp)
Snippermandon - Halo C2 & A52 (Processor & Amp)
Maninblack - Halo C2 (Processor)
Philly112 - Halo C2 & A51 (Amp)
Tomvbugg - Halo C2 and A51 (Processor & Amp)
Stereo Steve - 1205A
Chips - 1205A
Mick23 - A23 (two channel Power Amp)
Leon - Halo C2, A51 & A23
Cameron - Halo A52
Gwynne - Halo C2
KenB2 - P/HP-850 & HCA-1500A (stereo Pre-amp & Power amp)
Movieman - HCA1205A (Power Amp)
Kraal - HCA 1205A
ShiNObiWAN - AVC-2500 processor
neo281999 - Halo C2, A51 & A23
pidge22 - 2205A


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The lighting? You mean the blue LEDs? I think they look awesome.

Having spent the whole of yesterday tweaking my 1205A yesterday I am very pleased with it. It is very well built, silent in operation and has a netural smooth sound that tames the harshness than can come through on my B&Ws. I'm about to go down stairs after I hit post and see how it does with the volume way up, I've not had it past -20 yet. :)

The new Halo range doesn't seem to be as smooth, going towards a brighter, more detailed sound that, while impressive, I don't think is a great match for already detailed, brighter speakers like B&Ws. This is for music of course. For movies that detailed sound is awesome.

[Edit] I just put it up to -10. HOLY CRAP!! I don't remember my Pioneer being that loud at -10. I didn't put it any higher as the bass was already rumbling the floor, it was seriously loud and people were looking through my front window wonder what the hell was going on. I also had a feeling I was going to damage my speakers. The sound stayed sweet and very clean. By -10 with my receiver the sound always used to harden up and become unplesant, I never knew if it was the amp or speakers before now. :)

Power is definitely not in short supply. :smashin:


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Man, I should have realised you have no taste. :p :D


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I've got the baby of the parasound amps HCA-855A which was bought from this forum.It was origanally bought as a stop gap till i got bryston amps but as usual over spending in other areas has put this behind a bit.Although from what i've been told all the HCA range have much the same quality of sound , more than happy with mine for now :devil:


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Ok thanks THX Ultra - you have been added to the list above.

What are the Specs on the 855A - how does it cope with your M&K professionals ?


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It's a 5x85w with 30amp peak per channel so not quite as much grunt as the 1205 but they sound the same.

As i dont really listen at refrence levels i think it copes fairly well with the m&k pro's , never really sounding to strained.Although i think the m&k's could really do with a higher quality amp to do them justice.


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i have a C2, and a A52. i think its great with my M&Ks, still wish i had space on my rack for an A51 though - not to say that the 52 lacks in any way though!


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a couple of 2205's over here. Bought with the intension of never needing to upgrade again.
I heard some pro M&K monitors and I liked them alot so maybe a pair of 150's are on the cards ;)
These amps are big and heavy in every sense of the word!

regards FRANC


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See below, great amp.


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I would have loved to go for the C1 and JC1, but nobody I went to stocked them.

And besides, the cost of those two would have meant driving a metro for 5 years, so guess it is a good thing I didn't ;).

If only they were more readily available in the UK.


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I have a 1205 and it keeps amazing me!


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Franc - two 2205's ?? :eek: Are you biamping ?

Mutley / Thunder - you have been added. Cheers

Kazman - a C1 and five or seven JC1's would have been one mother of a system - probably worth driving a Metro for. Parasound and Lexicon have the same UK distributor so most Lex dealers should stock or be able to get hold of Parasound.


I've just been given a HCA-750A :D
I'm not sure where to put it in my system.

I'm building some Seas Odin's which i'm going to bi amp, and was thinking of using the parasound for the midrange drivers with two channels of my RMB1075 driving the tweeters. Or have the rotel drive the Odin's and use the parasound for surrond duties.

Decisions, decisions....ho hum ;)



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I never did get to demo the 1075 vs a Parasound. If you get the chance let us know how they do head to head driving your fronts.


Yeah, that would be an interesting comparision.
The 1075 is currently driving my B&W 602.5's it would be interesting to hear the differnce.

I'll have a listen (probably toward the end of the week) and report back.:smashin:



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Rags, your web skills need help (I know you are just busy), luckily I am here to help you out. :)

750A: 75 watts RMS x 2, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8 ohms

Full spec here

Going by that, the Rotel really should be better.

Craig Sowerby

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I am currently using the A51, A21 for movies and A23 for zone 2 at home, very happy with it.
Good value for money when compared to other products costing considerably more.



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I've got the 1205a, very impressed with it.
It sits next to my TAG AV32r and powers my Tannoy Revolution R3's.
I've not had it anywhere near all the way up, I also think it would damage something, probably my eardrums. :D


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A pro installer joins the ranks !

I have long thought about going down the 7.1 route by adding A21 or A23 to my set up but have so far resisted.

Craig in your opinion will an A23 do for back speakers or is it worth spending the extra for an A21 which will match my A51's output. As you know there is a significant difference in cost. Also how does the A23 sound in stereo and what speakers haveyou paired it up with ? Apologies for the third degree !


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Blimey - theres more of us than I thought. Rad - how does the 1205 sound with the Tag (especialy the top end) - either way you have been assimilated. :D

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