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Parasound A52


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Hi all,
Please help.Atm I am demoing A52 amp with denon 3802 as pre and Kef Q7's.
Although overall performance have improved but not as much as I expected.
Is the weakest link , denon , kef or both or am I EXPECTING too much?
How does Rotel 1095 compare to A52 or should i go for A51?

Any help/advice would be welcome


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Weak link looks like the Denon to me. I'd move to a pre/pro if I were you.


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What's your budget?

Give the power amps you are looking at I'm guessing around £1k?

There are a number of older pre/pros from Meridian, 561/565 and the 568.

The Lexicon DC2 could work. There are also options from Rotel and Tag.


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I just re-read your initial post, I thought you already had the A52. Sorry if I'm being too basic but just to check you know that you will need both a power amp and a pre/pro to replace the Denon right?


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I am demoing A52 at home atm.I have a option of either to keep or return it.
Last night I was using it for two channel music at moderate to high volume (-8db) for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours before it over heated and shut down.There is about 11 cm gap between the amp and glass shelf of a/v stand for ventilation.

Have you had similar problem with your A52's?

Btw you don't need heating if you have one of these.


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What speakers are you driving?

My 1205A gets warm, that's about it, but then I give it a lot of space. It has never shut down despite high volume for extended periods. My speakers aren't that hard to drive though.

Can you give a better idea of your budget and the rest of your system, it will make it easier to advise?


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I am using :-
Speakers:- Kef Q7's ,Q9c,Kef eggs and B&W 750 Sub.
A52 Amp,Denon 3802 as preamp and Arcam 73T CD player.
Budget is about £1.5k for the Amp.


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I have run my A51 at insane levels for extended periods (4+ hours) driving Nautilus speakers which arent an easy load and although it gets towards the hot side of warm it has never ever shut down. And its in a cabinet !


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Hrm, I just had a look at the spec for the A52, its power transformer is actually slightly smaller than that of the 1205A (1.4kVA vs 1.6kVA) but the spec on the Q7s doesn't make them look very hard to drive (can't find a figure for lowest impedence level).

If it's shutting down, either it's faulty (more likely), not well ventilated (11cm gap above, but what about sides and back?) or insufficient to drive your speakers (I can't see this being the case).

£1500 is for all current upgrades or just for the power amp? I'd go for a 2nd hand power amp if I were you, the 1205A for example can be found for around £600 depending on age and condition and if you don't mind the loss of lovely looks, makes a more sensible (£ per performance) buy than the A52. There is a difference is sound in my experience though, the Halos are bright where as the older series is neutral. The Halo brightness gives movies a great zing to the sound but it's not ideal for music. It does very much depend on the rest of your system though and I've never heard the Kefs or the Denon.

In your price range, if you look second hand, you have a huge choice in amps, get out there and demo!


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I dont think vetilation is the issue here.There are ample gap to three sides
and only 3 to 4 cm gap to remaining side.Amp is placed on glass bottom shelf of A/V stand which is well ventilated.

Daneel thanks for your input


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Daneel said:
I'd go for a 2nd hand power amp if I were you, the 1205A for example can be found for around £600 depending on age and condition and if you don't mind the loss of lovely looks,

If you could tell me where can I find one of these for this price, I'd be very appreciated :smashin:



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You just have to wait for one to appear, I'm just judging price by sales I've seen. They aren't that common I must admit as it's such a good amp for the money.

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