Parasound A52 Vs 2205


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Parasound A52 Vs 2205

for the same price (first one new, second one ex-demo) wich is the best option?
anyone heard them both?

my speakers (602, LCR600, sonance RS1) rate at a maximum power 120w

2205 has 220w. will it blow out my speaker, wich i will upgrade, but not so soon?



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This is a difficult decision as the 2205 is tremendous value for money second hand. It will not blow your speakers unless you go nuts with it. The amp churns out a disgusting amount of power and is pretty much able to drive most speakers x 5. The on paper specs of the 2205 look better than the A52 but the comparson is unfair given the different price points they were at when new.

I have not heard the 2205 VS the A52 in a direct comparison and when I demod the Parasound stuff I spent a lot of my time comparing the A52 and the A51 before moving on to competitor products.

The A52 in my opinion is a very fine amp and output wise is hugely underated (rated at 125 x 5 @ 8ohm but recently bench tested at 173 x 5 @ 8 ohms). Price/sound wise there is nothing to touch it in the UK apart from the Arcam P7 and at a push the Rotel 1095. The P7 offers 2 more channels of amplification with a proportionally higher price tag. This is probably more than enough power even if you decide upgrade your speakers. The A52 is very sweet sounding and quite laid back. It also looks a darn site better than the 2205 !!

Personally I would go for the A52. However if you are considering upgrading to speakers which need a huge amount of power go for the 2205. Either way I dont think you will be dissapointed.

Both of them are probably overkill for your current speakers though.

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