parasound+3802+dyns advice neededplease


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have spotted a parasound hca 1000a power thinking of matching with 3802 and dynaudio primaraly as the parasound has the guts to drive dyns,better than 3802.

primary concern is that i find the combo of arcam cd73t +3802 +dyns a bit too hard sounding for my tastes, music seems to lack warmth in the midrange/vocals especially with female voices.

not worried to much about av although that would be a bonus, need to know if the parasound is warm sounding or would it just add punch /detail .

if i could describe things differantly i prefer the sound of crosby to sinetra ,not that i play either .

thank you


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I have a Parasound HCA-1000A and an HCA-1205A driving M&K speakers. Certainly plenty of detail and punch. I don’t find them bright at all. Excellent amps.

I've tried the 1000A driving my rears and also (currently) the front L+R and can not detect any difference between the two Amps, so if you're familiar with the 1205, it's much the same.


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thanks chips
i phoned crt projecters about hca 1000a and was told it was an older model about six years old ,so decided to go for the 2 channel a23 power amp because of warrenty etc,

have just recieved the a23 and plugged it in ,have not yet had a chance to say wether its making much of a differance at the moment.

i did find the rotel powers i had before with cdm1nts a bit too harsh especially when the power amp was cold.

was told the parasound amps are a bit warmer than rotels do not know how the a23 compares with the older range in terms of sound.

thank you
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