ParaNorman (2012)


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Focus Features and animation company LAIKA, which last joined forces for 2009’s Coraline, are reteaming for ParaNorman, another animated film.
Like Coraline, ParaNorman will be a 3D, stop-motion movie. It is slated for nationwide release on Aug. 17, 2012.

A comedy/thriller about a small town being attacked by zombies, the movie, which is currently in production, has a voice cast that includes Casey Affleck, Tempestt Bledsoe, Jeff Garlin, John Goodman, Bernard Hill, Anna Kendrick, Leslie Mann, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Elaine Stritch.

I thought Coraline was genius so will be looking forward to this.


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HD Teaser Trailer #1
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[ame=""]ParaNorman Official Teaser Trailer [HD] - YouTube[/ame]

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Miss Mandy

Looks promising. I absolutely love Coraline so will definitely check this out when its released.


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Trailer #3

[ame=]ParaNorman - Official Trailer 2 [HD HQ] - YouTube[/ame]



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[ame=]ParaNorman - Official Champions Will RiseTV Spot [HD] - YouTube[/ame]


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Just caught this thread thanks looks good, like many other am also a fan of Coraline (but then i am a huge Neil Gaiman fan)..


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Quite a good kids horror (ish) animation overall, tips it's hat to the old school genre (Halloween & Friday 13th) and has some nice characters!

There's a lot of adult humour throughout and is the first of a few kids horror animation coming out; Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie etc

A nice way to get your kids into the sick and twisted horror genre!


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Off to watch it in 2D this afternoon with the wife and kids. Looks good :)


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I thought it was a bit boring and the 3D was rubbish and yet again they haven't compensated for the tinted lenses.


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At last - a film I can identify with! Thanks.


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It doesn't have the more obvious beats of a film like Ice Age or Shrek and it's all the better for it. I felt that the film didn't patronise its audience or shy away from the dark, grisly stuff.

Compared to other fare (like the two films mentioned above) I found it a surprisingly intelligent movie and me and mine enjoyed it immensely. It'll probably get overlooked in favour of Frankenweenie, though, and that would be a shame.

Once again, though, we had to endure the idiocy of some mother who'd brought a couple of two-year olds to the screening (the little darlings had lots of fun kicking merry hell out of the back of my wife's chair until she shot them the kind of glare that's usually reserved for yours truly).


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I caught this film in its last rounds yesterday. I had high hopes for this film as the trailer promised a nice pastiche to 80s horror. I didnt however buy into the billed "from the makers of Coraline" because I dont see Henry Selick's name attached. If I did, I would have been watching this much earlier on its release.

The first half of the film was an absolute joy, it had the feel of the 80s suburban horror films, the sort you would expect from say Joe Dante. The exposition and introduction of all the characters were very charming and funny including an exquisite scene of Norman walking down a street utilising camera rotation, swelling music and a glorious reveal (by far my favourite scene). The soundtrack by Jon Brion is terrific. However, this exposition reminded me a great deal of Monster House, another superb animated horror treat. In fact it pretty much steals a lot of its formula, right down to the fat kid sidekick, the gifted but bullied protagonist, the reluctant big sister looking for a boyfriend etc but I suppose that is the film's point. I laughed out loud several times and enjoyed the obvious nods to classic horror movies, mostly referring to zombie films and Halloween (very deliberate nods for that film in particular). There was quite a lot of adult innuendos too. Kids are smart these days, they'll catch on to those innuendos and giggle like hell, I'm pretty sure. The film makers know it too, in fact they blatantly have the child protagonist admitting flippantly he is watching sex violence on tv to his parents.

But then somewhere past the half way point, the film loses the magic and ambience and transforms itself into a goofy, over zany, almost idiotic mess of a Loony Tunes level, akin to a typical hyperactive Simpsons episode where Springfield community runs riot. There is plenty of sight gags and comedy but it was all a bit forced and way too relentless for my liking. This really killed the joy out of the film for me and it went on for far too long. However, it regained its ground towards the end which although predictable managed to pull me back in with a an emotionally ridden conclusion.

This falls short of being great due to the collapse of finesse in the third act, (reminds me of Joe Dante's Explorers, beautiful first half, mad silly second half) so doesnt quite compare to Coraline as a dark childrens fable nor Monster House. Children with a taste for horror and comedy will definitely love it, though.

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