Paramount to abandon HD-DVD for Blu-Ray



It seems the rats are deserting the ship.....

Paramount Home Entertainment, which earlier this year announced support for the HD-DVD format, has decided that they will begin releasing high-definition movies in the Blu-ray format when hardware becomes available early next year. "We have been intrigued by the broad support of Blu-ray, especially the key advantage of including Blu-ray in PlayStation 3," said Thomas Lesinski, president of Paramount's Worldwide Home Entertainment. "After more detailed assessment and new data on cost, manufacturability and copy protection solutions, we have now made the decision to move ahead with the Blu-ray format." This announcement comes shortly after the movie studios supporting the HD-DVD format decided to postpone their US launch of HD-DVD, and swings the balance of studio support clearly in favor of Blu-ray. There's also speculation that Warner and Universal will follow suit shortly.
Have Paramount abandoned HD DVD? Or have they just announced they are supporting BluRay as well? Toshiba certainly seem to think they are still supporting HD DVD. To be honest it is in OUR interests that these studios support both formats: then we can pick which format suits us best.

What I really can't understand though is fanboy postings like the one above - why don't you wait and see which format is best before making your mind up? Surely there are lots of factors which will define which format is best:
- AV performance
- Title availability
- Cost
- Capacity
- Disk durability
- Range of players/recorders available

Personally I intend to buy both formats upon initial release. And only then do I intend to start forming a judgement about which is actually the best.
Officially, they now have a foot in each camp, but the fact that Blu-Ray supporters aren't feeling the urge to jump aboard HD-DVD should be an ominus warning for HD-DVD.
As for being a 'fanboy' :smashin:, on paper Blu-Ray has always been the superior format, and by the list of support, it's seems most manufacturers agree. Of course, being superior on paper does not mean they will be superior in the real world, i guess we will have to wait and see.
To be honest it is in OUR interests that these studios support both formats

By 'our' intrests, I guess you mean early adopters with money to burn, thing is if you tell White Van Man there are two formats, he won't touch either with a barge pole.
With new hardened protection mechanisms, it’ll be difficult to disable region coding in HD DVD / Blu-ray players: the best HD format for us, non residents of North America, is the one with a free region coding policy, or a tolerated region-modified player policy.
Sony have long learnt their lesson from the Betamax debacle which nearly crippled them mainly due to lack of support from the major studios. It wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a fair bit of cajoling going on behind the scenes to get the studios to come out with a definitive answer. Now that Paramount have done just that I think we're starting to see the pendulum swinging in the favour of Blu-Ray.

Rasczak said:
To be honest it is in OUR interests that these studios support both formats: then we can pick which format suits us best.
I'm afraid past history tends to discount this from happening.
I for one think Blu-Ray will ultimately win, I for one Im looking forward to getting either the Panasonic Blu-Ray Player or a Ps3
Warner Bros. are also rumoured to be joining the BluRay camp very soon.

If the rumour is true then HD-DVD is dead in the water. Warner and Fox are the two biggest studios and they will both support BluRay whilst only one will also support HD-DVD.

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