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Paradise Hotel

Discussion in 'TV Show Forum' started by DancingJester, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. DancingJester


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    I don't know what possed me and the gf to watch this but we found ourselves watching this how the other day (Channel 5 11pm - I think that sums it up nicely), and despite a loathing for reality shows, we have both found ourselves hooked. The premise is that 11 whinging overindulged whinny kids are all abandoned in a hotel resort and at the end of each week whichever one doesn't have a 'roommate' is thrown out of the show. Watching the way these people act is truely awe inspiring, from poor misplaced slightly sad Dave (the only non rock start / bodybuilder type) to the ever irritating Zack ('Why does he get all the attention I'm the one that looks after my self, I'm the better looking one'). It feels a bit like watching some mangled recently run over animal on the side of the road struggle for it's last breath, I just wanted to be able to kill them for thier own good.

    Anyway I just wanted to know anyone elses opinions, if they have had the "good" fortune to watch it.

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