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Discussion in 'Subwoofers' started by RichardH, Jun 17, 2002.

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    Am currently building up a new system for HT room, which will be a hybrid of my hi fi (Naim 32.5/hicap/250, with Shahinian Arc speakers) and a HTPC as processor plus some extra power amps for surround channels. Mission M77s for surround duty - probably going phantom for the centre for the moment.

    Am wondering about a sub for the above - I currently have another set up in the living room (M71 cinema pack, Yammy A5 plus Celestion S80 sub), which will remain. Had considered moving the S80 in to the new set up, but I don't think it will have the guts - it's a big room.

    Seeing that the PS1000 is cheap at the mo' through What Hi Fi, do you reckon that will kick enough bottom, and go low enough to do the job? Although a lot of the gear I have sounds expensive, it has been built up over my batchelor years, mainly second hand, so my budget doesn't stretch to the RELs of this world. Have also considered making a sub, but time.....

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