Paradigm Reveals 'Revolutionary' Satellite Speaker System


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Paradigm have unvelied their all new MilleniaOne satellite speaker system. Coming in either L/R 2.0 or, if you add rear surrounds and a centre, 5.0 flavours, they're avaiable through retail channels now to add to your Christmas List.

The sleek, modern design is sure to find favour with some as will the space-saving supplied bookshelf stands. Naturally, Anthem are claiming 'Reference' levels of performance with the MilleniaOne and at pretty competitive price levels; the 2.0 set will retail at £499 with the 5.0 coming in at £1,249. Of course you'll want to team them up with a nice Sub for maximum impact!

Paradigm's Seismic 110 Sub certanly found favour with Russell Williams in his review here, hopefully Paradigm will be good enough to supply AVForums with a sample of their new speakers for Russell to run the rule over; you never know, his ongoing dedicated speaker review room project could be done by then!
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