Paradigm PS1000 Problem


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My PS1000 doesnt seem to want to turn on :(

Any ideas before i start looking for a replacement ?

I'll have a look inside to see if theres anything obvious, but any bright ideas first ?



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Check all of the fuses for starters but if a replacement blows straight away, it's a sure sign of something more terminal.



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I will have one for sale in a week or so if any help, just picked up my svs pb ultra


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If it's not the fuse then it's likely the "auto on" switch is dead - a common issue with this sub.

To switch it on you will need to kick start it: make sure a signal is going into it from the receiver, then fiddle around with the power cable at the sub end by removing and reinserting the cable. You may hear a thud but it'll come alive.


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No luck trying to force it to start or changing the power cable fuse, however upon looking at the PCB a fuse (1.8a 250v) appears to have blown.

Im curious as to why there is a sign saying if fuse blown replace with .8a :rolleyes:

I think i'll just call in a shop tomorrow with the blown fuse and get an exact replacement :)

Fingers crossed.


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