Paradigm PDR10 v Quake?


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Been looking over the fence with interest at the wee Quake..size for me matters (the wife factor).. my PDR10 sounds okay for most things but driven even a little too hard and it can sound a bit farty (..would bunging up the port in the back help? It's sitting reasonably close to a wall - although I could turn it so that there is a larger space...what do you reckon?)

Sorry losing my own thread there... for the price do you think there would be a significant improvement between the two models...I use it as much for movies as music....any info welcomed...cheers



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Cheers Dom H - I remembered reading the start of this thread ages ago but couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the sub I'll check out HifiJunkies & let you know how I get on....

Anyone compared the Paradigm PDR10 with the Pro50 - will I get a noticable improvement..I know the Pdr10 is quite inexpensive but the Pro50 is still relatively inexpensive in sub terms...again any thoughts welcomed



I had a PDR 10 and was more than happy with it,definately performs well for the money.But since ,i 've bought the bigger Paradigm PS1000, and i've not looked back.I really am impressed with it,maybe you should have a look at it?It may be a bit bigger than you require but i really think it is worth it.(plus there a a couple for sale in the classifieds for a bargain 80 quid)

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