PAP2 no dial tone? Here is the answer



I had no dial tone with two Linksys PAP2. It only worked when I used laptop modem port and windows' HyperTerminal programme.

I decided to take it to Comet to test it with as many phones as possible.

What have I found?
I have tested it with about 10 corded phones (not wireless phones) and 50% of them worked and 50% of them didn't.

It was not down to brand - some BT worked and some BT didn't.

It was regardless of whether the phone was operated by battery or not.
Some battery phone with lcd and many features worked.
Some battery phone with lcd and many features didn't work.

The conclusion is, PAP2 is very sensitive to which phone it is connected.

As I want to use wireless phone with it, can anyone who is using PAP2 with a wireless phone already, please let me know exact model name so that I can buy the same phone?


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I use a cheap Binatone MD750 (answer phone version) cordless dect phone and it works flawlessly with my PAP2-UV (unlocked). No good though if you want caller ID. Not the best looking phone but it was bought about four years ago when dects were expensive. I have seen these still available in places like Argos and Macro. While Binatones usually look quite nasty they have the added benfit of using standard AA rechargeable batteries so no need to buy expensive packs when they go faulty. I would say any Binatone will probably work (you can always take it back)


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I am using Panasonic KXT CD 505. It works great.
It also works with another panasonic DECT phone but I couldn't remember the model number.

I never have any problems with the PAP2 on different cord or cordless phones.

PS. By the way, I bought my DECT phones (KXTCD505 refurbished for £19.99) from . They often have great deals on refurbished phones. The customer service is also great.

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