Pany nvgs11 and powerproducer gold 2

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    Hi Johns wifey here,
    Please can somebody help me. For the last 2 weeks i have been trying to directly burn my dv content via firewire direct to dvd via right to disc. I have done this once previously on my computer (aldi medion 8083) with no trouble and brilliant copy...even playing it back through 42"plasma.
    Tried again, getting dv tape playing through the screen. Soon as i hit record i get an error message which says "the input signal and the output format areincompatible. Please choose another disc format." I have tried everything. Disabled the norton virus. I dont know what is happening. It will go onto the hardrive via powerdirector and burns onto dvd, but i want to burn directly and dont know what is wrong.I am using dvd+rw and tried dvd-rw. My dvd burner is pioneer 107d 1.13 (the latest firmware update applied) Nero is also installed but u cannot burn direct with this. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated (perhaps there is a wrong setting there somewhere but i think i have tried them all) My pc is pentium 4 3.0ghz HTT,graphics card ati radeon 9800xxl 200gb hard disc , 512 mb memory ddr 400mhz whatever that all means!!! Has anybody else tried using this powerproducer gold 2 and had any problems. If anybody has any advice it would be greatly appreciated before i get the hammer out!!!! :lease: :blush:
    Johns wifey.xx

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