Pansonic PX 600 or wait for a PHD9?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by DIY_Subs, Aug 14, 2006.

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    Ok, I am a newbie, read around the forum a little to get a feel. To help people understand this is where I am starting from:

    Equipment used:
    Topfield TF5800 Freeview PVR, DVD Players Panasonic A300 (old), and cheapy divx player. Sony 777es amp (svhs switching only) 5.1 setup.

    I can imagine in the near future having a Windows MCE type setup, perhaps a HD dvd player, but I doubt if I will bother to get Sky - even if it is HD.

    I am leaning towards a HD display to future proof things - and also think the PX600 is the way for me to go. It seems to be a case of just switch on and watch (with built in sound) type tv (wife expects 1 button press to get Neighbours on screen...) than going down the panel route and having to use the full av system everytime you want to watch tv. However, I have seen others say go for the panel as you are buying better build spec as Panasonic havent had to build all the extras in at a performance price that the PX600 has. Also looking around no-one appears to have any PHD8 to sell - and the replacement PHD9 is a unknown beast at this stage.

    So - based upon the fact I like the simplicity of a ready built tv (the Wall version), can anyone tell me the pros and cons of a PX600 to a PHD9 that a novice (me) won't have thought of. Was the PHD8 panel pretty much identical to the PX600 in PQ?

    I would be looking for JL pricematch to ED. £1700 is the absolute maximum -the Pioneer PDP436FDE-TA looks a little pricier - is it considered better than the panny?

    Are there any other better options for me - I will probably get on the train to central London to ensure I have the ability to view all of my choices rather than the local Comet...

    Thanks for some pointers!!

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