Pansonic 32-lzd85 general/gaming questions

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by chris2009uk, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Hey all im new to this forum and am unsure if these questions have been asked before, but unforutnately i dont have time to check through all the topics to find out, so if anyone knows any answers it would be appreciated. :)

    I have a panasonic tx-32lzd85

    - When running the tv in either 'dynamic' or 'normal' viewing mode whenever i change channel and there is a brief silence or i just turn the tv on there is a buzzing that occurs briefly. This buzzing does not occur when i use the tv in 'cinema' or 'eco' mode. If this a problem or nothing to worry about.

    - When playing on the xbox 360 wired up via hdmi to give 1080p i notice that on some games there is screen tearing and yet this did not occur when i had the console wired up by scart. Again is this because of something wrong with the set or a known issue?

    - Final question - what is the best mode for the tv when watching freeview and when playing games. I saw some posts that said not to use the tv in 'dynamic' and that 'eco' was good all round, is this correct?

    responses are greatly appreciated :)

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