panosonic sahe7 no dts does it matter


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im hopping to get the philips 36 pw9607 with a sony ns4o5 or ns700v or tosh sd220e or philips 723 or 762 not sure yet but may also add the panosonic SAHE7 with 5.1 panosonic speakers all from currys £250 has to be from there .It has no dts decoding is this a major loss.

Ian J

In my opinion although it is nice to have DTS decoding it is not a major loss. In theory DTS can provide better sound reproduction but in practice this is arguable as the operative word is "can"

It certainly isn't worth paying much extra for although their marketing people would have you believe otherwise


Depending on your taste for music, if you have ever heard the Eagles "Hell Freezes Over" in DTS, you would be convinced.
Just my OHI though. Plus I'm old!!


pat clancy

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hi, ron,i had an old non dts dvd player +amp,i upgraded just for dts,to hear it really,imho,there no differance in sound quality,i,d go for the panny,rgrds pat

Stewart C

I am not disappointed with Dolby Digital, infact sometimes it 'appears' better.

There is huge conjecture on the Web about the validity of the DTS 'Sound'. It is claimed that DTS increase the db's of certain frequencies to enhance the perception that DTS is clearer and lower/gruntier than Dolby Digital.

Also DTS has 2 variants a 1500kb per sec and a 768 kb per sec. It seems to be very clear that the higher bit rate of 1500kb DOES provide some sonic improvements over a 448kb per sec Dolby Digital soundtrack.

However, the space on a DVD is limited and manufacturers are recording the lower bit rate DTS soundtrack which apparently has some issues regarding quality and coloration of sound.

If it's a lifestyle system your after and you have your heart set on the Dolby Digital only version then I suspect you will not be disappointed.



If you have never heard DTS, then how can you miss it?
If you have listened to DTS in the past then it is personal taste as to weather it is worth spending more money to get it.

What you haven't heard you can't miss:D

Save your money for the next upgrade. If you are anything like most of the people on here, anything you buy is only a stop gap until you can afford something better:eek: :rolleyes:

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