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**panosonic dmr65/sony suround/vcr/ps2/ntl box

Discussion in 'Cable TV & Virgin Media TV' started by philbradley, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. philbradley


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    i have may DMR connected to a sony surround sound system(dvd player), a VCR and NTL box and a playstaion.

    i have the play station connected to the vcr av2 in conection which can be switched to either show the ps2 or the video output.

    I have connected up as shown in my quick sketch.

    when i put av2 in i can see sky/ntl... when i put av4 in i can not see the video play...

    i do have the VCR sound (red / white cable)still connected to the sony dvd amplifier for surround sound...

    can i not feed the signal throught the recorder and have it switch over? can anyone see if i am connecting something wrong somewhere or do i need to electronically set something in the dvd recorder?

    i have noticed if i put the ntl main tv output to the dvd av2 when i switch off the NTL box the signal disappears,. though if i use the video output from the NTL box it is always on in the av2 connection, if box is on standby or not...

    the TV is an old sqaure 28 inch one which does have two av ports and 1 on the front. :lease:

    HELP here would be appreciated...


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