Panosonic 32TXPS5



m a beginner to all this but I'm thinking of pairing up the Panasonic 32TXPS5 TV & the Panasonic SCMT1 home cinema system which both received good review in WHAT TV. Can any one offer me any have any thoughts/criticism on this set up or any alternatives to consider.

My budget is £800 -£900
Hi Matt

The selections you've made are pretty good, but personally The PS5 would be unnecessary. I maybe mistaken but I think the difference with this and the PS1 is that it the PS5 has onboard Dolby Digital decoding and two surround speakers. Since you would have this and more with the SCMT1 it makes it redundant on the TV. Also I think the PS5 is discontinued, so I personally would get the new PM1 that is out on the high street in a few weeks (some places me have it already).
The SCMT1 can be had anywhere between £200 - £250 depending on where you buy and if you want multiregion. You can pick up the PM1 for about £650 from
www.empiredirect.co.uk so would fit in your budget. I would also consider trying to stretch your budget an extra £50 - £100 and get the PM11 instead, which is basically the same set but with 100hz processing. Hope this helps.
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