Hello fellow panny readers, about to buy a 42" panny PV500 with cabinet stand,,where is the cheapest deal out there..was about to buy from currys using discount, is there a site where can get good price on interest free!..PV500 are obviously the best!!!!!!!! dare anyone disagree..this is my first post so go easy!


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Jupp ! Can't go wrong with PV500 ! :smashin:

but unfortunately I cant help you with the prices ! price compare etc is everywhere on the net, just search around...


The PV500 is a very good plasma for the money and there are a lot of happy owners out there.

IMO if you want a wife friendly plasma, built in freeview, speakers, lots of connections, future proof etc then it is a excellent choice.

If you want perfection the you need to go the panel/scaler route, but then you are talking serious money.

Get a decent demo, or visit someone who had alsready got one.


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I am waiting for the new year sales as I am sure that there will be a shift in price on the PV500
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