panny300 on the coffee table!!


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how difficult is it to set up the pj on a coffee table each time to watch a movie?
i will also be using a portable lite screen from drh?
the pj will be directly infront of the screen so only vertical shift needed.?
the pj will be approx 8 to 10' away

any experiences ? :smoke:


i have a panny 300 and i use said table sometimes as i am in a flat and dont want to ceiling mount until i is quite easy really just plonk on table, adjust to fit screen then sit back and watch what ever.the only problem is that if the screen is quite big the table has to be further back and if the room is not to big the table ends up under your feet.

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I have a ae500 and also live in a flat. I've mounted the projector onto the back wall on a TV wall bracket (bought from argos).

I have to use a bit of keystone unfortunately, but picciers still look great.

Just need to mount the drh screen first....

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