I have decided to finally get rid of my beloved Sony KV29 and move into the 21st century. The TV I have decided on is a Panasonic wide screen model (TX24DX1). Unfortunatly, lack of space means a 24" is required but I've been watching a similar sized screen for years with W/S material on my 29" 4:3.

Two questions.

1. Has anyone had any experience of this little gem and is the screen totally flat? It's a Quinex or summink. Does that means its a flat one?

2. When refering to my new TV in forums, will I be required to call it a 'panny'? I don't understand where this particularly silly abreviation comes from. I have never seen mention of a Philly, Hitchy or Sharpy. The only way this abreviation may be correctly used is in the case of Sony, which would become.....Sony.

3. There is no 3, I said at the beginning that there was 2 questions so why are you reading this?


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