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Panny V10 Owners, looking for some Answers :)


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Based on my thread here: http://www.avforums.com/forums/plasma-televisions/1092104-40-42-plasma-tv-one-2.html#post10518101

INITIALLY I would be using the TV quite heavily with SD and would like to know how the quality is? I understand the Kuro's are in a different league on this and have read some less than positive things about the V10 performance but would like honest opinions. Maybe in terms of comparison to a good LCD model.. the 42" w550 for example?

Understand the blacks etc. on HD viewing rival the Pioneers and beat it in some people's opinion, but how about gaming performance and sports viewing.

Finally, in terms of SD/HD viewing, from around 10-12 feet, do you still see a good picture? Would it be any different from the G10 at this further distance?

I understand some are going to think why buy such a model for SD but this would only be a stopgap (granted it may be a fairly long one if my current spending trend continues) but I want to consider everything possible before I decide what to buy - all I know at the moment is that for my room 42" is the biggest I want to go - I imagine that might change in the future too!

All depends what your SD sources are.

The larger the screen the worse SD will look.

Freeview is average (sometimes less than) on Panasonic plasmas because the SD scaling of the TV is a weak point. Samsung have a better reputation in this regard.

DVDs through RGB scart will look ok but if you want the best pictures from DVD you need a decent HDMI upscaling player. Then they will look very good even excellent.

Likewise anything else SD coming through scart ie Sky Box or Cable will look just ok.

Whatever Panasonic you buy X10,G10,S10,V10 all the above applies to.

Gaming and anything HD will be superb.
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Yup, I didnt realise for a while that a good upscaling DVD like Oppo will make your standard def DVDs into HD, so forget about the TV's SD perf if you do buy a DVD like the oppo.


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I guess that everything is in the eye of the beholder, but I set myself some pretty low expectations when I purchased my 42" V10 because I knew that I'd be watching SD-only sources for a good while.

The built in freeview came as a real surprise, because I think it's actually very good. Sure if the original program is poor quality then this is going to be reflected, but for the most part I'm really pleased (or is it easily pleased?...).

SD Sky through RGB scart is OK and even a scart-connected DVD player presents a pretty pleasant picture.

Overall, I'm pretty chuffed with mine.


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Thanks for the feedback guys - really helpful thus far. DVDs/BluRay will be going through HDMI and the PS3 initially so I'm not really too concerned about that and I imagine the quality of DIVX stuff through the SD card will also be very good.

It's only the SD viewing I was a bit concerned about as that will be going through an ariel.

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