Panny V10 or Pioneer 507XD?? Help


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Im looking at getting a new tv, i'm not sure what to get?..Ive also been looking at the new Philips LCD and the Sony W5810. Is the pioneer still as good or better than these? Im going to be watching sport and movies on the TV I choose. The only thing that I dont like about the Pioneer is that its not full hd.. I hope you guys can help, it will be appreciated!!


The V10 is the best, and is even competitive with later Full HD Pioneers, but accordingly is hard to come by with longish waiting lists.


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When I saw the panny G10 and V10, I could hardly see any difference?! Is there much? So is the Pioneer not as good as the modern plasmas?


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If you could not see any difference then clearly you should buy a G10 & save yourself loads due to the falling G10 prices & short supply of the V10's :)

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