panny v pioneer- black level


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Stiesto, you are totally correct and I had already made the decision after my last post that it would be the last, I did hope that my posts did not actually get personal and derogatory, I think most if not all of us here pop in here to try to help and relax and kill some time, I had my cuppa last the Suns out the garden will never tidy itself.

Thankyou Triggaaar for pointing the obvious remarks that did offend out, I was not even going to bother as Stiesto says "it not actually that important" any more, as someone once said "I could'nt give a fig".


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Originally posted by StooMonster
I've seen them together and side-by-side at many more places than The Event 2 alone.

It's simple: the Panny has better blacks, the Pio is brighter; as per their specs, and general opinion.

That I agree with, no doubt about it.

Originally posted by StooMonster
Therefore, with my sample size of many more than one, I disagree with cybersoga and say they look exactly like the photo when side-by-side.

I trust your judgement mate, it's been a while since Event II and I havn't really seen them since. My own Sony Plasma (yes I did buy it before I had a good look at a Panasonic!) is somewhere in the middle.


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I bought a Pio over a Panny for the follow reasons:
- More available colours (a year ago it was a huge difference)
- Brighter
- Better connectivity
- Better internal electronics (deinterlacing/scaling)
- DVI input that actually works :devil:

We all know the Panny has better black that the Pio, actually I think the Panny has the best blacks full stop. You have to remember that it's only one part of many that make up the overall viewing experience.

I've also, on many an occasion, seen both panels side by side and yes the panny blacks are better (bo question) but no way ever is it as polar as that photo shows.

Also has anyone actually read the rest of the thread where the original poster agrees that apart fom the blacks the Pio clearly is the better screen.

Everyone should audition as many screens as possible under the same environment and with the same sources, calibrated to the same level. And from that they should then make their own informed and educated decision as to purchase.

Personally I think both Pio and Panny are best in class, each having their own benefits and concerns.

Enjoy your plasma.

Joe Fernand

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Hello all

For those that visited Event II last year the definitive answer (or so I thought) to Pioneer MXE vs. Panasonic PWD was to have one of each as some movies looked better on the MXE and some on the PWD.

Orders readily accepted and we do a nice range of 'twin screen' wall mounts so you can have both units mounted one atop the other - or I'm sure we can build a 'revolving' mount; just in case the top screen is a bit high!!!

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I bet it's not as nice as the revolving twin mount I did a comparison test with last week.
I've got the pictures to prove it...

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