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Hi guys... appreciate some views here plz..

I currently own a 42PW3 panny panel, which ive had for a year... love it to bits, very happy with it.

I have a dillema, in that i use for FMJ DV27 as primary viewing source, any mainly use R1 material, so make best use of the 480p progressive scan.

However, i now want to make use of the Pal-Progressive (sshhh dont tell anyone... please no flaming on is/isnt possible :eek:p), but the W3 unfortunatly doesnt support 576p.

Therefore considering upgrading the screen to a newer model to accomodate my requirements, (i have a buyer lined up for my W3).

Question is:
Is it worth the upgrade... W3 -> W4/W5... or Is it possible to fit a W4/W5 video processing board into my W3, if so any idea of cost.

Failing that, is the pansonic still the king of displays.. it was when i bought mine, but would consider pioneer maybe.

Also curious on whether the DVI option is worth taking.

Views appreciated.



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Definitely stick with Panasonic, notable improvements are to the real black system and the new real Gamma system :eek: (8bit to 10bit digital video processing has given increase from 256 to 1024 shades of graduation i.e. better and more detailed dark areas).

Secondly, all video displayed on the 5th gen Panasonic goes through de-interlacing anyway (so none of this PAL prog not possible business cos everything ends up progressive) and it has 3:2 pulldown for NTSC signals as well!

Not sure on changing the video board, for one thing the glass filters are different so you still don't get a 5th gen clone (although prob makes no real difference). But yes, Panasonic are still the King of Displays :D

DVI is a pretty big upgrade especially considering you lose out on a set of RGBHV / composite inputs and will need to buy a new DVD player! But, you can always swop out the terminal board later.......

Out of interest, how much are you selling the 3rd gen for?


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Thanks liam....

I didnt realise they had made so many changes to the spec, very very interesting.

You have convinced me to buy the series 5 (hopefully i wont see this flicker or hear the buzz people hear are mentioning). My main gripe (if i were to have one) is the black performance... increased greyscales must make a significant difference.

Ive been offered £3000 for my W3... so i think i should grab it !! Can i use the same wall mount ... i assume nothing has changed physically.

thanks for your reply, appreciate it !

Ive been offered £3000 for my W3... so i think i should grab it !! Can i use the same wall mount ... i assume nothing has changed physically

£3000 for a 2nd hand 12 months Plasma, I think you want to be quietly snapping his fingers off

then buy the 42" Tosh from Richers with 24 months warranty

seems like a good deal, swapping an out of warranty Plasma for a brand new one with 24 mobths, with no money outlay


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Which Tosh?

the 42PW16 or the Series 5 clone, 42PW27 or what ever?


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Much as the price you are being offered is a mental offer I would want to 'see' your player on a PWD4 or PWD5 before I made the leap.

Whilst there have been numerous changes made to the Panasonic plasma displays from 3>4>5 its still worth having a look to ensure you are getting something that makes the change worthwhile.

You may also want to consider auditioning the new PHD5 display and the Pioneer PDP-433MXE (or even a 50" Pioneer) - both have higher resolution displays which may be a way of future proofing your investment; though if you can find a buyer every twelve months who gives you big bucks for a second hand model that's probably not a worry :)

I dont think any retro fits are on the cards for your Panasonic Series 3 display.

Best regards



I don't know if it's just me, but I wouldn't be able to live with myself If I took 3 grand of someone for a 2 generation old TV when he could buy a brand new one for anywhere between 300 and 600quid more. I hope he's not a good mate :)


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