Panny TXPL1, RGB, and a Denon 3800


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When viewing DVD's through my Denon 3800 using a QED Squart RGB lead to my Panny PL1 (RGB input) the reds are red (and i mean red), they over power everything (brake lights for example) its not natural like the other colours. Normal tv (cable) is fine, this daisy chains through the denon. As far as i know svideo is ok. I will double check tonight. Ive also noticed a slight bleeding when using my Import GameCube on the reds, but this is going through svideo into a Denon 3802, into a non RGB connection. My PS2 which is also going through the amp is fine.
Are the reds turned up to high in the service menu? if so anybody got any good settings?



(Ive got a working Denon 3800 MR, PAL Prg,Chroma free player...what more could a boy want) :D


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In terms of the R/G/B settings,the best way to check is to look at a black & white film.You will be able to see if the red balance is too much and needs adjustment in the service menu.I had this problem and adjusted the tv using 'A Night to Remember' dvd.


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Thanks....hopefully Blockbusters will have something like that, although im not going to bet too much money :D Anyone got any good suggestions for a Black and White Movie that you can rent from BB?



I have a sony davs500 connected to my panny pl1 ( through s-video), and I have just watched blade R2 (the vampire movie) and actually I almost can't read the names appeareing in red color in the beginning of the movie - very fustrating. I also have Blade2 R2 and it looks better so I guess it's just the dvd that is bad.

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