Panny TX32PH40 and Dv88 problems?



Hi all,
I'm now on my third TX32PH40 the first two had big problems with their brightness. Only had this one for about 5 hours but so far all is well and the picture is significantly better than the last two.

I was running a Denon 2800 in Prog scan (Pal and NTSC) but this player had many many problems. I have changed it for an Arcam DV88. (No prog scan yet though)
Pal movies are now stunning and play without fault but when I play a region 1 disc such as Star wars TPM or Monsters Inc I get horizontal lines on both sides of the screen.
These lines are most visible when showing browns, reds and whites.
It looks almost as if the picture is distorting somehow or if there are two magnets on either side of the screen.

The Denon did exactly the same thing.

I run the Arcam via component outputs (IXOS 3m) into the relevant inputs on the TV. I cannot try the Scart lead as it is too far from the TV.

Anyone else having these types of problems or have any advice?
Is anyone using this combo? Or inputting component?
Or even notice the picture probs I'm describing with NTSC?

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