Panny TX32DT30 Problem



Here's an interesting problem.

I purchased the above TV about 10 weeks ago and am perfectly happy with it.

While watching a DVD over the weekend we noticed a background sound to the DVD soundtrack coming thru' the speakers. It was in fact the sound from the terrestrial channel that was selected before the TV switched to the AV channel that the DVD player played thru'. Upon further investigation it transpired that with a scart cable connected to any of the 3 scart connections and with the relevant AV channel selected, sound from the terrestrial channel was playing thru' the speakers. Admittedly you needed to increase the volume to about halfway but this is obviously unacceptable.

I have now spoken to Hispek, where I purchased the TV, and yes you've guessed it, their after-sales service is somewhat lacking. Basically I have to take the TV to them and go without one for 2 weeks. On speaking to another Panasonic approved service dealer, I have to pay for both parts and labour and then get Panasonic to reimburse me the money for the parts only.

I thought I would post this just in case there was the remote possibity that someone else has had the same problem.

Stone Free

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Often this is caused by a lack of shielding in the SCART cable, especially if it is cable that came with your equipment. If you spend around £20 quid on a fully shielded/fully wired SCART cable from Maplin,IXOS and the like, it will probably go away. You will kick yourself if you give back a perfectly good TV (I know I have done)


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately both scarts are IXOS and cost me about £40 each, so I don't think it's the cables.

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