Panny TX32 PB50 Empire Direct - Strange Policy!!

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Monster, Aug 29, 2001.

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    I have recently received a Panasonic TX32PB50 from ED but there were peoblems with:<br />1. Moire with all sources especially NTSC<br />2. Audio out from TV to amp is affected by TV volume, bass & treble levels. You have to turn off the internal speaker of the TV and turn the volume up to the top to get a decent level input to the amp.<br />3. Concave line along bottom of picture in 16:9<br />4. Buzzing.

    Engineer (very helpful and seemed knowledgable)came this morning & tried to defocus to remove the moire. He managed it but the picture was too blurred. Didn't even bother with the other faults as he was going to recommend the TV be swapped. This is where the strange policy comes in!!

    The have no more 32 PB50's in stock so (and I had decided this is what I wanted to do anyway) I asked that it be replaced with a Toshiba 32ZP18P.

    Get this....if they replace the TV like for like, they will come and deliver the new set and take the old one away on the same day. If I swap for a different model, they will collect the faulty set. Once they have confirmation from the collection company that they have the set, they will contact me to arrange delivery of the replacement. The only way to get the Tosh delivered at the same time as collecting the old, is to pay again and they will refund the cost of the faulty set when it is collected!

    I'm afraid that I do not see why. The (repetative!!) Customer Service operator said that was all she could do and would not give a reason why. I ended that call feeling very frustrated and was about to call back and ask that I be refunded.

    Having already taken 2 days off work for this I do not want to take a further 2!

    I then spoke to their sales team to check stock of the Tosh (the Customer Service operator could not do this although she could tell there were no PB50's in stock) and they were really helpful. This guy seems far more concerned about customer service than the after sales staff! He is trying to see if there is anything that can be done. He was going to call back today but I have heard nothing. I will have to check tomorrow but the change in attitude was astounding and they may retain the custom as a result of this.

    Does anyone have the faintest idea why they have this policy or has anyone else experienced this situation?

    Its turned into a bit of a long rant this and I apologise <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">
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    Yes, I had exactly the same situation, this time with a Panasonic 32PK25, moire patterning etc.<br />I had heard that this was a common problem so told Empire I didnt want another, and could I have a Toshiba 32ZP18P instead. As you said, they insisted that if I wanted another make they would take the Panasonic back first, then I could order a different tv once they had it back. In the end I noticed QED had the Toshiba cheaper and went with them. To their credit Empire were very quick in refunding my money including delivery charge.


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