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Panny TX28PS12 & Video switching

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by hatcher, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. hatcher


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    Okay all you technical boys (or girls) out there.

    I've got a Panny TX28PS12. Great TV and works fine but I have one annoying problem.

    The old Philips 28" (6332) had the Sky digibox in AV1(RGB) and the video in AV2 (both are Panasonic models) and the DVD in the side S-Video socket (called AV3 but shared with AV2 I believe). You could watch TV either terrestrial (channels 1 to 5) or via the digibox (channel AV1) and when you pressed play on the Video (or called up one of the timer recording or setup menus) the signal would switch to AV2 and on stopping or exiting it would revert back to whatever you had on previously.

    With the new setup I have the same video, digibox and dvd plugged into AV1(RGB), AV2 and AV4(S) respectively. If I select AV2 on the TV (AV/TV button) and go back to the terrestrial signal then all works as before. However if I had previously been watching AV1 before going back to terrestrial TV pressing play or entering menus does nothing and you have to select the channel manually. The same goes if you are watching the digibox on AV1.

    The connections (for TV/Video and Satellite) are as they were with the Philips, all using fully loaded 21-pin scarts, and so include the hot pin no. 8 (and exactly as Panasonic tell you in the manual for those wanting to use Q-link). For information there is also a scart cable connecting AV2 on the video to AV2 on the digibox.

    I'm not worried about manually switching the DVD (I always have done) because I only use the TV as a monitor, the audio going to a Denon AVR3801. It's just really annoying when your old inferior TV did something that your new 'better' one doesn't.

    Is this just the way that pannys work or can it be done? Do new Philips models still support this I wonder? I don't want to waste any more time on it (as it is trivial) if there's no point.

    Any Ideas/thoughts?

    Also does anyone know if there is a 'hidden' installer menu that could correct a slight (about 1mm) pincusion distortion and centering offset that I get on 4:3 only all other modes are spot on. Yeah fussy I know.

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