Panny TV @ DVD Recorder Connections



Have I got the following set up correct?
Tomorrow I am due to get a Panny 36PB50 with 3 scarts 2 are RGB Also the Panny DMRE30 DVD Recorder
I have a SAT box 2 scarts and a VIDEO 2 scarts
Will this be the correct set up?
SCART from SAT to DVD recorder
SCART from DVD recorder to TV RGB
SCART from VIDEO to TV so I will still be able to watch videos and be able to record onto video from terrestrial while watching Sat or DVD
SCART at one end YELLOW RED WHITE at other end SCART from VIDEO, YELLOW RED WHITE into DVD recorder to copy videos onto DVD
I will also be taking phono to phono from SAT and VIDEO TO AMP
Digital Optical from DVD recorder to AMP

Have I got this right?
Help or advice please


I dunno HOW others Around here would do it but me personally I would have one scart lead going to each of the following devices

1) The VCR Primary out to the SAT SCART Socket labelled VCR
2) The Sat SCART labelled TV to the TV SCART 1
3) The DVD direct To TV scart 2

in the EVENT that you wanna record DVD's you could put in an additional SCART Link between The second SCART on the DVD and the Second SCART on the VCR

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