Panny TUCTH100 refund?



I bought one of these a year and a half ago. I posted a small write up here at the time and thought I would seek some advice.

The panny has worked fine, it has it's problems; slow remote control, it is a bit noisy, it is very warm so I like to have good airflow and suffers occasional lock ups (maybe 1 every month or two). I believe these will be familiar to a lot of owners but we still felt the usefulness of the machine outweighed the problems.

However, a couple of weeks ago it lost the epg on about half the channels, strange thing is now and next programmes will be shown when changing channels. This is an absolute pain when trying to set things to record.

After writing to Panasonic they have offered me a refund. The thing is, I have studied the forums and it seems all the PVRs have their problems. The picture quality on the panny is superb and we are used to it. Should I accept the refund?

Thanks for your help.



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Yes. The alternatives are better, in the sense that, unlike Panasonic's dreadful offering, their software is still being maintained.

Lock-ups once a month? My DigiFusion machine hasn't ever done this, and it's almost a year old. Missing EPG? Nope, it hasn't done that either. I will concede, though, that the hardware of the DigiFusion is reportedly not very robust; I suspect mine behaves largely because it's well ventilated.

I understand the Humax 9200 is a good choice, and the Topfield 5800 is probably the best. All of these choices will differ in their menu structure and general use to the Panasonic, so they will need some more "getting used to".


:thumbsup: Thanks for the reply. After looking round I think I'll go for the Humax 9200. It should do all the Panny did plus have double the storage, I am worried however about it having a fan, but it should not be any worse than what I am used to.

Thanks again,


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