Panny TH42PX80 cable set up

ian lochrie

Standard Member
I have just bought a panny TH42PX80 and is waiting delivery and excitingly waiting delivery and wondering about connections . I have a Panny dmrex85 DVD recorder and SD sky+ and a CRT television with no HD feed , I currently run a scart from tv to DVD RGBs and a scart from other scart socket on the dvd rec to the to RGB sky+ so that they is run through on the dvd , so they is no scart directly from sky to dvd .
What will the set up be including a HDMI cable from dvd to tv and is they a direct feed from sky to TV
And having 2 internal freeview in tv and DVD rec cause problems.


ian lochrie

Standard Member
At present i put everything to my DVD hard drive that I want to keep to disc, from DVD freeview and things I download from Sky+ mainly from the planner from AV2 so I can edit and put them clean on disc > Not sure if this is going to be the best option with new set . please advise a novice.

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