Panny TH-42PX20U/P in mainland Europe?



Hello everyone!

After doing research for a while I've decided to take the plunge and go with the panny TH-42PX20U/P.

The problem with the panny's down here in The Netherlands is the price: the TH-42PX20U/P inc wall mount goes for 8300 euros (about 10.000 dollars), whereas it costs about 4000 euros (4800 dollars) inc wall mount in the US. I find this price difference (over twice the price!) simply amazing.

Are there any other people from europe on this board who have purchased the new panny and did you just pay this high price or are there cheaper ways of gettting the panny TH-42PX20U/P down here? Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Dave Ward

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I live in north Germany and I have just purchased a Th-42PHW6 from the following company www.screenmaxx.com. Nice people, speak some English - Herr Freidrich is good. Prices are similar to good prices in the UK

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